May Wedding

Todd and Maria May are one of the nicest couples I have ever had the pleasure to meet. When I found out I would be the DJ for their wedding I got very excited. The wedding took place on May 5th, 2017 in a small venue called 14th and Hudson in Piermont, NY. The wedding was on the smaller size, consisting of about 60 people, but everyone was very friendly and ready to dance the night away. The ceremony started at 6PM and was very nice. People were smiling, laughing, and the atmosphere in general was very comforting. This really was two wonderful families coming together. From here the cocktail hour began, people eating, drinking and already starting to get into the dancing spirit. You could tell this would be a night no one would forget.

As the main reception got under way the dance floor filled up. People were dancing, laughing, throwing their hands up in the air… the party was in full swing. For several hours people kept the dance floor packed, enjoying every moment of this fantastic night. Todd and Maria looked so happy and I couldn’t have been happier for them. After the last song played Todd and Maria came up to me and gave me two big hugs. Mr. and Mrs. May said “Thank you for everything, the music was perfect, you were great, thank you so much.” It truly was an amazing night.

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