Faraca Wedding

Congratulations to Samantha and Mike Faraca!!! This was such a fun wedding to be apart of and I’m so happy for the lovely couple. The venue was Doolan’s Shore Club, a nice place located in Spring Lake, NJ. A beautiful ceremony was followed by a classy cocktail hour, which was then followed by an awesome reception. The reception started off with the biggest bridal party I ever had the pleasure of announcing. You talk about friends, Same and Mike had twelve bridesmaids and groomsmen. That means there was a total of twenty-four people in the Bridal party, not to mention parents and a few others. Therefore, close to thirty people I had to announce for introductions, and let me tell you, it was great. Everyone announced into the room smiled, did their own little dance, then made an arch for the bride and groom. When Mrs. and Mr. Faraca were announced, they entered the room with so much joy as they walked thru the arch their friends and family had formed.

After walking thru the arch, Mrs. and Mr. Faraca shared their first dance as husband and wife. Not only did they share a lovely dance, but they danced among the mist and the clouds as they elected to go with our dance on a cloud package. From here on the night was just a full on party. The dance floor was pretty much packed from start to finish, and anyone not dancing at that particular moment was over at our state of the art photo booth making funny faces and wearing one or several of the many props we had to offer. This was a great wedding and I’m so happy for Samantha and Mike Faraca. Good luck to the happy couple.

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