Dolan Wedding

Congratulations to Romna and Thomas Dolan!  Wow, what an amazing day. First, a beautiful ceremony down by the beach.  Romna and Thomas, high school sweethearts, finally tying the knot.  From there, guests proceeded to a walk up a hill that lead to a huge castle where cocktail hour was taking place.  This castle made you feel like you were in a Disney movie, and to top that off the food was delicious. Then, to round out the night, a reception for the ages.  This wedding had dancing, eating, drinking, the shoe game, limbo, the list goes on an on. The love that Romna and Thomas showed each other could be seen and felt throughout the room.  You could just see how much they loved each other and how happy they were to be finally called Mr. and Mrs. Dolan. I was so happy to be part of this wedding and I wish the Dolan’s a lifetime of happiness.

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