Castellano Wedding

When Brian and Jen asked me to do their wedding last year I was super excited. Brian and I met in college back in 2006. Therefore, this wedding was a little bit more personal. A year turned into months, which turned into weeks, then before we knew it the big day arrived. Now, the ceremony was set to be on the beach. A few days before the wedding though we heard there could possibly be showers and thunderstorms. Brian and Jen were a little nervous, but I told them no matter what we would make it work. Well on the day of the wedding the rain held off. Family and friends gathered on the beach, even some spectators watched from the boardwalk as Brian and Jen became husband and wife. The ceremony was beautiful and couldn’t have been more perfect.

After the ceremony ended everyone headed inside for the cocktail hour. From there introductions began. As the bridal party was announced everyone applauded and cheered. When Brian and Jen were announced everyone clapped and applauded even louder. They then shared their first dance as husband and wife. The look on their faces was priceless, nothing but pure happiness. From there it was hours of food, drinking and dancing. The dance floor was packed out, people singing, laughing, just having a great time. Brian and Jen came up to me after the final song played and thanked me for one of the most memorable days of their lives. It truly was an amazing day.

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